How to hire a hacker to change university grades

What comes to mind

How to permanently change your grades
how to hack school or college the easiest way
how to hack your school system and access your transcript, How to hire a hacker? How to change my school grades,

Can grades be really change or its just a bluff?

This is one topic most top hackers have not really touch and are not really interested to discuss. I’m as a writer and hacker who will expose a bit of hacking techniques and its for educational purpose.
Some great minds have really discuss about hacking school grades and the implications of hacking your school grades.

It could be really easy to change your grade when you have some basic set of skill.
First skill
phishing email, you can phishing your teachers email and hack into the teachers email and change your grades. it will be foolish of you to do this because she might see the disparity of what was given and what you scored. Its better you move to the next skill. Don’t ask me how to create phishing mail. You can find that yourself.

Second Skill
Hire a professional hacker to change your grades. hackers are highly skilled and can change your grades by accessing admin privileged and grant uncontrollable access to school database. This is the best method to use.

When making payment to this hacker, it should be what can’t be tracked and choose a reliable hacker who can fixed up your grades.

Third Skill

Read hard and read harder.

Though changing grades is quite possible but imagine doing this regularly then the implication will be no studying.

Fourth Skill

using inspect element to fix up problem per-time before you do your crime.

Its easy to do

hover your mouse on your grade you score and right click on the top of the grade. locate. Inspect element and input the require grades you want. Close it and see your parent love you for what you scored or get that birthday gift with it. It does not stay permanent but you can print the report card with it. Also, you show your parents on your PC but don’t close it.

school grades


sschool grade 1st


Yes, its quite possible to hack into your school servers and access your school database with Admin logins.
back then when I was in school, hacking was a hobby and it puzzled me like the Rubik cube. I wanted to learn and access my school security and also bypass many blocked sites.
hacking brings the good, bad and ugly.

Be safe out there





6 thoughts on “How to hire a hacker to change university grades”

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