Who are Hacker? What are they know for? Are they some extremist who fight for a revolution or they are sit out home buddies who stay at mama’s basement typing hysterically or they are some professionals who are connected globally. Are hacker like the ones in Movies? Or they are a total jerk? Like every endeavor, the good, the bad and the ugly is associated. Take for example an unprofessional sectary who can keep you waiting for no particular reasons but she just enjoy doing nothing For the past 15 years, I have know the good the bad and the ugly. Which service is professional and what is really a good hacker(ethical hacker). Wallpaper.png

Is there word for ethical comes to mind when hackers are deliberately trying to break into a network. To locate where weaknesses and vulnerability is their play toy. While some do it for fun, loots, reputation and solution but others take it as a professional.
This is me!!!