How to Catch a Cheating Partner on iPhone – Bust a Cheater Now

August 21, 2023

How to Catch a Cheating Partner on iPhone - Bust a Cheater Now


In any relationship, suspicion and doubt can creep in, causing turmoil and emotional distress. If you suspect that your girlfriend may be cheating on you, it is important to gather evidence before confronting your partner.

This will not only provide you with a clear picture of the situation, but also ensure that you have the necessary proof to support your claims. In this article, I will share some effective methods to catch a cheating partner on iPhone, allowing you to uncover the truth and make informed decisions about your relationship.

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Personal Experience Story

Before we dive into the methods of catching a cheating partner on iPhone, let me share a personal experience that highlights the importance of this issue. A close friend of mine recently discovered that her fiancĂ© had been cheating on her for months. She had noticed subtle behavioral changes in him, such as constantly hiding or locking his phone, deleting text messages and call logs, and receiving calls from unknown numbers. These signs raised her suspicions, but she needed concrete evidence before confronting him. That’s where my expertise in cybersecurity came into play.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, it is essential to be aware of the common signs of infidelity. While these signs may not definitively prove that your partner is cheating, they can certainly raise red flags and warrant further investigation. Some behavioral changes that may indicate cheating include:

  • Hiding or locking phone: If your girlfriend suddenly starts keeping her phone hidden or locked with a passcode, it could be a sign that she is trying to hide something from you.
  • Deleting text messages and call logs: Regularly deleting text messages and call logs can be a way for your partner to cover up any incriminating evidence of infidelity.
  • Receiving calls from unknown numbers: If your girlfriend frequently receives calls from unknown numbers and is secretive about the callers’ identities, it may be worth investigating further.
  • Reduced texting frequency: If your girlfriend’s texting habits have significantly changed, with a noticeable decrease in the frequency of her messages, it could be a sign that she is diverting her attention elsewhere.
  • Lies about phone and social media use: If your girlfriend consistently lies about her phone and social media use, it may indicate that she is engaged in activities she wants to keep hidden.

Methods to Catch a Cheating Partner

Now that you are familiar with the signs of a cheating spouse, let’s explore some effective methods to catch a cheating partner on iPhone. With the advancement of technology, cheating has become easier than ever before. According to statistics, infidelity rates have increased due to the availability of dating apps and social media platforms. Therefore, it is crucial to gather concrete evidence before confronting your partner.

One of the most reliable methods to catch a cheating partner on iPhone is by using spy apps. These apps allow you to monitor various activities on your partner’s phone discreetly. One such app is mSpy, which offers a user-friendly interface and provides comprehensive monitoring features. It is important to note that using spy apps should be done ethically and within legal boundaries.

Using Spy Apps for iPhone

Spy apps for iPhone provide an easy and effective way to monitor your partner’s activities without their knowledge. These apps are designed to be user-friendly and offer a range of features that can help you gather evidence of infidelity. When choosing a spy app, it is crucial to consider factors such as trustworthiness, data protection, and compatibility with your partner’s iPhone.

mSpy is a reliable and reputable spy app that meets all these criteria. It allows you to monitor text messages, call logs, social media activities, and even track the location of your partner’s iPhone. To install mSpy, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Sign up for mSpy account: Visit the mSpy website and sign up for an account by providing your email address and creating a password.
  2. Select package: Choose the package that suits your monitoring needs. mSpy offers both Basic and Premium packages, with varying features and pricing.
  3. Complete payment and verify email: Make the payment for your chosen package and verify your email address to activate your mSpy account.
  4. Download mSpy on jailbroken iPhone: Since mSpy requires jailbreaking the iPhone for advanced features, follow the instructions provided to jailbreak your partner’s iPhone.
  5. Install app and accept User Agreement: Once the iPhone is jailbroken, download and install mSpy on the device. Accept the User Agreement to proceed.
  6. Register with provided code: After installation, open the mSpy app on the iPhone and register using the code provided during the sign-up process.
  7. Start monitoring partner’s iPhone: Once the registration is complete, you can start monitoring your partner’s iPhone activities through the mSpy online dashboard.

Remote Installation of mSpy

If jailbreaking your partner’s iPhone is not an option, you can still remotely install mSpy using their iCloud credentials. This method requires that the iCloud backup feature is enabled on the iPhone. Here’s how you can remotely install mSpy:

  1. Sign up for mSpy account and choose the package that suits your needs.
  2. Complete payment and verify email to activate your mSpy account.
  3. Provide partner’s iCloud credentials during the setup process.
  4. Verify iCloud backup frequency to ensure that you have access to the latest data.
  5. Monitor partner’s iPhone activities through the mSpy online dashboard.

Alternative Method: Spy on iPhone Texts for Free

If you’re looking for a free alternative to spy on iPhone texts, there is a built-in method that you can use. This method involves setting up email forwarding on your partner’s iPhone, allowing you to receive copies of their text messages. However, it is important to exercise caution as this method may expose your partner to potential privacy issues. Here’s how you can set up email forwarding:

  1. Access partner’s iPhone settings and navigate to the “Messages” section.
  2. Select “Send & Receive” and tap on the email address associated with the iMessage account.
  3. Add your email address to receive copies of your partner’s text messages.
  4. Verify the email address by following the instructions sent to your email account.

Introduction to Nova Spy App

If you prefer a comprehensive solution for tracking your partner’s location, Nova Spy App is an excellent choice. It offers location tracking without the need for mobile app installation, ensuring maximum discretion. This app is affordable and provides accurate location information. Whether you suspect your partner of cheating or simply want to ensure their safety, Nova Spy App can help you track their whereabouts.

Using Nova Spy App for Tracking

To use Nova Spy App for tracking your partner’s location, follow these steps:

  1. Provide your partner’s cell phone to the Nova Spy App team for installation and setup.
  2. Activate the location tracking feature on your partner’s phone.
  3. Access the Nova Spy App online dashboard to view real-time location updates.

In conclusion, catching a cheating partner on iPhone requires careful consideration and the use of ethical methods. By being aware of the signs of infidelity and using reliable spy apps like mSpy or Nova Spy App, you can gather the necessary evidence to confront your partner. Remember to always respect privacy boundaries and use these methods responsibly.

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